Max Sänger


DCP 2K | stereo | 1.78:1 | color | 16’50“ | 2016

For the deceased to enter the spirit realm, the living must sacrifice water buffalos and bury their loved ones in megalithic tombs. A Direct Cinema exploration of Marapu funeral rites, shot in Waikabubak, Sumba Island, Indonesia.

Part of the 5 Islands / 5 Villages-project.

With: the Rato Marapu of Wanno Ketonka, Sairo Tabaleko Kaleka, family and friends of Lari Lera Mawo

Festival Screenings:
Dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg (2017)
Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival (2017)

In collaboration with University of Fine Arts Hamburg, Goethe Institut Jakarta and Universitas Indonesia