Max Sänger

Spineless Kingdom

DCP 2K | stereo | 1.78:1 | color | 26’20’’ | 2017

Most bees in the kingdom are solitary. Patrick roams the blooming meadows alone, searching for insects and his own place in the disconnectedness of nature. At home in his study he names and catalogues his findings, working near the borderlines of science for the singularity of his environment.

With: Patrick Saunders

Festival Screenings:
Duisburger Filmwoche (2017)
Sehsüchte – Internat. Student Film Festival (2018)
International Short Film Festival Hamburg (2018)

Förderpreis der Stadt Duisburg (2017)
Jury Prize, Hamburg Competition (2018)

Supported by MOIN Film Fund Hamburg-Schleswig-Holstein and University of Fine Arts Hamburg